Sunday, 9 February 2014

In love with a deaf girl

Invisible love

He could not pluck up courage

To ring or tell her


Not gutsy enough

To gather her in his arms

That stunning body


Routine for others

But he was floored by shyness

And the list went on


He grasped at straws

For loving words to stream out

He wasn’t the type


Luckily for him

She saw the look in his eyes

So then smiled at him


Little did he know

That words meant nothing to her

Signing was enough


  1. Signs of all sorts..deafness of various types..takes one person to break the barriers I suppose..always a story to be found in your words :)

  2. You never disappoint! This one is such a sweet love story! Thank you!

  3. Lucky guy - he'll never have to wonder if he said the wrong thing!

  4. A vivid story, easily understood and related to. Wordles are fun that way, they suggest all kinds of paths to follow until we choose one and do just that,


  5. This is a heartwarming tale. Words will never be as important as what is in the eyes. They tell the real truth.

  6. funny how the words fall into place for a good story!

  7. I really like this. As Belva Rae says, heartwarming, and very romantic without being 'twee'. Well done the Rob!

  8. Oh .. I'm glad he sent out the right signs... really cool when it all came together.

  9. I hadn't planned on the rearrangement of the word list... I guess they just fell that way. I don't get the early list, as I am not on Facebook, but another friend 'bumps' us the list...maybe they alphabetized them?

    Stories sometimes just tell themselves. I like how sometimes the shy person ends up winning. :)

  10. what a sweet tale of love!

    so happy the girl understood, not even needing his words...


    stacy lynn mar

  11. Delightful. This had a special meaning for me as I have a profoundly deaf friend.

  12. Sometimes we don't need words, even when we able to talk...

  13. I have a co-worker who fits this poem perfectly, Old Egg. Sorry for the late visit.