Sunday, 23 February 2014



                                       Distant breakers on coral atoll


So I was adrift

The ocean swell my only friend

Blown off course, of course.


I would trim my sails

It was but a sad torn shirt

And made in China


I peeped from under

My tarpaulin bed wrapping

Stuck here with the gulls


So I dreamed of eggs

And a mug of hot coffee

Trusting the current


I dreamed of maidens

Dancing round in hula skirts

Delirious me


My supplies are low

Hope tomorrow brings landfall

But without high seas


The sun is testing

I scan the far horizon

Is that land's form there?


  1. A scary thought to be set adrift with few supplies and just hope to guide you!

  2. Yours is more hopeful than mine. :-(

  3. Imagination and hope..maybe they are key to survival also..i think i am out of the loop of the story that goes behind yours and J Cosmo's posts..i like the first person point of view..brings it closer and also further away..reality and metaphor..

  4. Old Egg, I love how we both used the water element, in a different way of course. Nicely done.


  5. I love this. We both used eggs and coffee, but went in entirely different directions.

  6. Like what you did with a set of words that I found difficult. We all have those moments when we feel that we have been set adrift. You make it all too real,


  7. When physical supplies are low, one must dip into the mental supplies of rich imagination.

  8. Being adrift in the ocean can be a real test of endurance. One can only hope looking at the threatening waters surrounding a little boat! It is most intimidating! Nicely oldegg!


  9. How could I not check your blog! Love your poem.

  10. Love the condition 'adrift'...but it seems we can allow it be just for while...and keep checking with our mind if it right direction...~ love the ocean motif here

  11. Ahoy there! Adrift is not necessarily a bad place to be. You never know what the next harbour will bring and we all like surprises now and again.