Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dum in double trouble (Dum tales 3)

Yum always chose where they would sleep at night as Dum didn’t care as he could sleep anywhere so Yum found a corner away from the families with children, checked the floor of the cave and swept it with her hands so there would be no stones sticking into them.

Dum meanwhile was grunting at the other men no doubt trying to tell them how good Yum was; so she decided to hit him when he came back to her.

Dum was surprised when she hit him but because he thought she liked him, so he got up again and went to look at the stars outside where a girl was there too looking up at the moon.

He could see its light reflected in her eyes so as he touched her on her arm she turned and smiled at him not noticing he had only one eye because it was so dark.

Dum was about to touch her again when he heard a scream as Yum came out of the cave, pushed him out the way and with one hand and pulled the girls hair with the other then scratched her face.

She turned to Dum hit him for a second time then grabbed his hand and pulled him back into the cave but he didn’t protest he knew she really loved him now despite the others in the cave laughing at him in the dark.


  1. Looks like guys back then didn't do much better than many today at keeping their eyes and hands to home. Good for Yum for adjusting his attitude, let's hope the lesson sticks! :-) Fun story Old Egg. People are people, no matter when or where.