Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The girl with straight fair hair

I’m an observer

And I watch the world go round

You may have seen me


I sit on a bench

Drink coffee in a café

Or ride on a train


And I write stories

An anxious mother and child

A teen on the phone


I walk in the park

The devoted couple kiss

My eyes capture it


Hush, they talk to me

Unknown they tell their secrets

Even that scrawny girl


I'll write her story

That one with the straight fair hair

You’ll hear it from me


  1. People are desperate to talk about themselves because no one listens or is interested in anyone apart from themselves. I experience this all the time. Complete strangers confide the most intimate things to me.We live in a brutally self centred world I am afraid.

  2. Being observant one gets to know about lots of people, certainly! Nicely oldegg!


  3. Park benches and coffee shops are like churches these days..where we gather and gossip..and never know maybe she is watching him and writing her own story

  4. So, why are we still waiting? An excellent puff for the story.

  5. yes people watching is so much fun and you can let your imagination soar.

  6. Too few observe. Or care to even. Keep up the good work.

  7. We get our best stories by sitting still and observing.