Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bleak Aspect

It's a bleak aspect

Being in a state of shock

I have lost you now

You’ve gone to a far country

With coral strands

Where time stands still

Without me

You were a gift sent to hug

Now where is your embrace?

What happened to our plans?

How do I write you?

How do I juggle my life

That’s the trick

Can I still tickle your toes

And kiss your nose?

While I count the hours apart?

Left in a hopeless state

Will we re-unite?

That’s the rub, the cruel bite

Who on earth will facilitate that?


  1. 'You were a gift sent to hug' ~ love this line...So many questions...Everyone - unique...we cannot replace him/her...short or long physically, the souls connect forever...

  2. For some reason, this poem makes me think of Orpheus, going to that far country and using his music to facilitate the liberation of his beloved.Of course, if you tried the same trick I'm sure you'd be wiser than he. Right?

  3. In some relationships a few steps away can easily become another country. Your questioning moves the poem along while building ever more tension,


  4. Lots of searching questions but barely an answer. It's a quest not uncommon in an emotional relationship. Nicely oldegg!


  5. So many questions we wonder when we've lost love.

  6. So you made plans? Plans change, people change, everything changes....nothing is for sure.

  7. Being left behind is truly horrible..maybe it gives 'you' a goal..With your picture as well it made me think of being stuck on a desert island..if you weren't hatching a plan to get off it what would you do?

  8. It is sad to left behind, Old Egg. Well done with the difficult words.


  9. When loves goes wrong we can't help asking questions. You ask some good ones. Hopefully you get the answers you seek. You did a good job with these words too.

  10. Well, Old Egg, I’m coming in late due to circumstances out of and in my control, both… Your words are good questions… I like the feel of them. Who on earth, this big, overwhelming place? But then, we never know who we might bump into, even in a small town… People from everywhere, they wander through… Anything could happen!