Thursday, 23 January 2014

Domestic Bliss (Dum tales 1)

Dum and Yum were early cave people and wandered far and wide to find food on the trees and bushes as they were always hungry.

Dum stayed with Yum because she had good eyes and a nose that could smell danger even though hers was a little small…for a nose.

Dum only had one eye as his brother had poked the other out when he was child so he needed Yum to hunt with him and she also kept him warm at night.

Yum had gone on ahead and he heard her calling when she disappeared over the sand hills, “Dum, Dum, come, come,” she grunted and when he caught up she was already racing across the sand towards a large body of water.

“See, see” she grunted as she bent down at the water’s edge finding some creatures there.

“Yum, Yum,” he heard her say as she prized open the shells and gobbled the contents down.

When he reached her squatting in the shallows she tossed him a shell to try and he opened it and as he swallowed he looked back at her and thought, “She is amazing for a woman.”


  1. What a creative take on what makes a woman amazing! There's a lesson here in this fun read, amazing is what fills our needs and keeps our heart warm! Great write, Robin!

  2. You don't mention whether Yum is one of your favoured blonde types!

    1. Yum was not like my normal picks but certainly one to be respected (as all women). For some reason she liked flowers but usually ate them!