Friday, 17 January 2014

Up to his old tricks

Maureen came home as usual and her beloved Robbie was there to greet her, but she could tell from the guilty look in his eyes that he was keeping something from her. 

He came close to where she sat and put his head in her lap, “Robbie what’s wrong?” she said fearing the worst.

“It can’t be that bad” Maureen said as she knew that he idolized her but he just looked so incredibly sad that he went off to bed and curled up there whimpering.

Maureen then went into the laundry to find the washing was scattered on the floor and the socks and handkerchiefs had been chewed and there were holes in them.

She went into the Dining room and the library books that had to be returned that week had their covers ripped off. Maureen didn’t whether to laugh or cry as Robbie her dog was up to his old tricks again.

This is a true story of my wife Maureen's dog from before I married her.


  1. Ha, Ha! Nice true story. Should I remember Robbie? Was he about when I was dating Mavis? With Bob it was cushions and curtains, but only when he got quite old and couldn't go chasing cats and rabbits any more.

  2. Ahh yes, our furkids can wear the most guilty of expressions when they've been up to mischief! My cats will all watch me carefully when I come home if something has been upset or curtains have mysteriously fallen from their rods onto the floor. Fortunately for them, love is forgiving. Nowdays damaged books would mean an expensive replacement fee!

  3. :-) Lovely story. He was sad to be losing her! Having to share the duties of protector and comforter with another man.

  4. It comes with the territory. This morning my cat destroyed the little felt pony I painstakingly made over the Christmas break.