Thursday, 9 January 2014

First Love

Oh, how I remember her now; the girl I had my eyes on at school.

She lived some miles out of town and I cycled to her small village one weekend on a whim and luckily I was directed to her house.

Was she surprised to see me at the door but her mother was delighted and suggested we go for a walk then she would make a cup of tea for us.

We were both shy as she showed me her village, she looked so fresh and pretty as we walked around and then returned to her house but we didn’t even hold hands.

I sat awkwardly as I ate a biscuit and balanced my tea but her mother still looked so pleased.

Fifty years later I met her on Facebook she vaguely remembered me but with sad longing I remembered her so well.


  1. Memories are fragile, unique and individual things. I do believe sometimes we may not admit to remembering, perhaps due to fear or embarrassment.

  2. Ohhh I felt the disappointment about the vagueness of her memories. Ouch.

  3. I think so often in such encounters that one has stronger feelings than the other. Actually, that is true of many relationships at all ages. This was a bittersweet memory, I have a few of those tucked away too. Well written, Old Egg!

  4. Life is like that. The memories that remain so clear for some are just not as important to others. It's nice to write them down, though, and share them so that their specialness won't be forgotten.

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  6. Facebook has a lot to answer for!

  7. Sour/sweet memory...we all keep them as catalyst sometimes?

  8. Boy, this one really brought up some old memories ....was a very poignant piece ....nicely done