Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lucy May

Lucy May was a delightful girl

Straight fair hair no sign of a curl

Darkest eyes and luscious lips

And nose to kiss so it was bliss

Until my hands did wander

She looked at me so stern

And shook her finger “You must learn

Trust not lust remember 

Until I get to know you better”

Easing up my youthful ardour

Slowly I was able to pierce her armor

Her good advice so you see

Brought marriage and children three.


  1. Lucy May clearly knew the difference between lust and love, and that respect grows into a much deeper appreciation for all things physical and otherwise. This was a sweet poem of youthful desires, Robin, it made me smile!

  2. Great rhymes! Is this about you? : )

    1. Sorry Joseph, I don't even know who I am so I couldn't write about him!