Monday, 27 January 2014

Dum gains an advantage (Dum tales 2)

Dum was never sure of Yum for by day she was always happy foraging and eating of course. At night she was content that they kept each other warm. But when he touched her on her soft round bits she would either hit him or close her eyes and just say “Yum”. Dum thought that as he usually did that at night in the dark she was merely telling him who she was in case there were any other people close by in the cave they slept in that he might have touched.

Sometimes the other cave people would laugh at Dum and his one eye and the women would taunt him. But Dum was not like other men he ignored them whereas any other man would ravish the woman for her impudence or knock the teeth out of the men.

Yum knew that Dum liked her in his own way but wished he would like her in her way.

Dum and Yum often went back to the beach they had found to pick up shellfish and ate them there on the sandy shore. One day when the sun was shining hotly Yum waded into the waters to cool off while Dum first looked on, then he waded out after her.
She splashed him with water and he was angry at first but when he saw that she was grinning at him they were soon rolling about in the water being buffeted by the waves. Yum laughed and put her hand on his chest so Dum did the same to her and this time she did not hit him but wrapped him in her strong arms and nibbled at his shoulder as he felt her all over. As she did not protest he continued to stroke her until she nodded and he was at last to truly make her his woman and they lay in the water for some time breathing heavily. He knew that she was really his now as she would not let go of him no matter where he put his hands. Dum was so pleased he bent over her and licked her nose and face. Yum must have been pleased by that too as she jumped out from the surf laughing and ran up the beach with Dum chasing after her thinking he was finally gaining her trust.


  1. That's quite the story of gain.

    Love the names :D

  2. It appears he gained a bit more than trust here, LOL! You do know how to write these little adventures, Old Egg, I suspect we'll be hearing more of these two in the weeks ahead! :-)

  3. Nice to think even a caveman can be somewhat civilized.