Saturday, 2 November 2013

Potted (potty) Aesop

I thought three of Aesop's fables could be retold in haiku form to get good value for money.
1. Boy floundering in river
 Boy drowning calls help
Scolded for his carelessness 
“Save me! Moan later”
 Moral – Help first, admonish after 
2. Crow and pitcher
Thirsty crow finds jug
Water there but cannot reach
Drops stones to raise up
Moral – Results achieved little by little
3. Dove and the Ant
Ant fell in river
Dove dropped twig to save him
Ant bites dove’s hunter
Moral – Every good turn deserves another


  1. I like Dove and Ant..tricksy blighters ants..small but fiesty..hmm ;)

  2. Skillfully condensed! Easier to read than the originals too!

  3. These are excellent! Can you do the same with some of the more tedious political stories of the day?

  4. I love your take on the prompt. Very inspiring.

  5. Loved the tales you weaved :-) . Very nice

  6. nicely done the way of haiku to Aesop's

    much love...