Monday, 18 November 2013

Your Winsome Smile

Leaving youth behind

She is on an adventure

Being a woman

William Barribal was a postcard artist in the first half of the 20th century and specialised in pretty girls often daring for the period between the two world wars. He used his wife as his model however the range of girls illustrated would indicate that he was surrounded by pretty women although in the postcard illustration above it almost certainly is her.

His range of subjects ranged from wartime humour to provocative scenes on the beach and a fair smattering of children’s portraits, as well as Military themes right through the 2nd World War when patriotic fervour was a favourite subject to keep morale high in war torn Britain.

I chose this postcard to illustrate this post as the girls eyes are the feature that are smiling and illustrate the beauty and promise of youth that was Barribal’s forte.


Illustration from author's own postcard collection





  1. I was just thinking (again) this morning of trying to go back drawing. It's been years since I last drew, and I am pretty sure that my hands are rusted already. And that is what's keeping me from trying. Yes, I know, I should try nevertheless. And this beauty is trying to convince me as well ;o)

    I especially liked the poem. Simple, but it speaks a lot ;o)

  2. You are so right, Robin, she has lovely smiling eyes! And I learned something about an artist I wasn't familiar with. I love posts like this, now I will have to look up more of his works! Thank you for sharing with us at Two Shoes Tuesday.

  3. I love those postcards! My dad used to collect them as well as other vintage cards... very cool. Love the sweet

  4. Hi O.E. ~~ I am glad that you have the post card collection. This one is pretty. Abelle wants to draw. I envy people who can draw and paint. Stick man art is the best I can do and that isn't good.
    I like your haiku/senryu poem, it says just what this young lady is experiencing. They are fun to write.

  5. I love your haiku - it fits the image perfectly. What a lovely face.

  6. She's got nice eyes! Thanks for sharing! : )

  7. That was an interesting and creative post! Thank you.