Tuesday, 12 November 2013

It's over she said


'It’s over' she said

Our affair had lasted years

I was so shattered


I thought she would cry

But she was stronger than me

She was my weakness


Wind came and rain fell

But there was no kiss goodbye

Winter was coming


I still think of her

The soft comfort of her touch

And warmth of her smile



  1. Been there, done that, O.E. You right, there is "no kiss goodbye."
    "... still think of her," yes. But I did not recognize her at the last grandkid wedding we attended. Until Mrs. Jim said, "that is ..."
    I do have a condition of not recognizing faces but for sure she wasn't like I remembered. She could have been an imposter.

  2. Yes, those relationships have a way of ending badly, never quite the way one fantasizes it will be, and never with "no emotional strings attached" as is so often promised. Someone is always left holding a bag of nothing. Memories can be sweet or bittersweet, but they remain just the same. Loving Jim's comment too - yes, I'm sure we've all changed a bit since those days, and I probably don't want to think about how much! :-) This was a great story for the Two Shoes Tuesday theme, Robin, thanks for always being ready with something great to share on Tuesday mornings! :-)

  3. This is a very emotion filled, well written poem. I can't say I have ever been there, though I know those who have. I think, like Mr. Jim, many will relate.

  4. That's sad. That's why I don't like to lean on people for my strength and get too attached. : )