Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We meet at night

                                             Charon the Ferryman

I’ve woken again

I smell sulphur in the air

Do you hear moaning?


This dark is fearful

Unholy sounds are amplified

Yes, it’s me they want


They’re here to collect

I agreed to pay in full

So don’t criticize


I’ve had a good life

Had a devil of a time

Must pay ferryman


  1. Very creative use of the words. You have a way to go yet before the ferry ride:)

  2. I guess we all have to pay sooner or later, don't we? Nice!

  3. Funny, he looks like Baron Mü

  4. Very scary. I like how calm the speaker of the poem seems, in spite of the impending horror. (and humbird is right, Charon does look like the Baron!)

  5. The sulphur lingers..turn him away and hold onto your coins..

  6. What an interesting mix of "calm-tension." It's very effective here.