Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Anger and its avoidance

I have never been                             
A mean aggressive person            
Didn’t need to be                             

As I always found                                         
There were plenty of others
Around me that were                       

As I grew older
This heightened my senses
I was out of this world

I have never had
Limited vocabulary
I can dredge the depths


  1. Out of this world is probably a good place to live :)

  2. No need to be aggressive, indeed. I believe such people cause most of their own suffering and frustration.

  3. I'd rather e out of this world then be mean. Great post oldegg

  4. It takes so much energy to be mean and bitter. Looking at your smiling face in your profile photo, I'm guessing you waste little energy being mean. I'm changing your name to GoodEgg.