Friday, 8 November 2013

Ellen's Tears

I went back to Osprey’s reach last week and what a trek it was over the dunes, pushing through the vegetation to reach that idyllic secret shoreline.

I came back to talk to Ellen who I used to meet here secretly all those years ago when we had that fling…no, I lie; it was a passion like no other.

She had that little signal to me of biting her lower lip and looking me straight in the face and letting her eyes dance upon my senses so that I knew we could make time stand still as the heavens contemplated our love making.

Silly me, I still come back here half hoping that she will be waiting for me all these years later to greet me with that special look so that we could feast on one another again and the world once more would shudder to a stop.

But no, not this time nor indeed for evermore as I come now only for that sweetness of love that I possessed for such a short while when I was Adam and she was my Eve.

I reach back now to breathe the scent of the sea, hear the cry of the seabirds and taste the salt water as I kiss away Ellen’s tears of happiness.


  1. I've been thinking a lot lately about how places evoke memories, sometimes many layers of them like an Old Masters painting. This little story taps into that beautifully.

  2. Well written piece. You are a real romantic, my friend.

  3. lovely writing... very well done!

  4. Oh Robin! This story brought to mind some wonderful romantic encounters of my long ago past, memories as precious as youth itself. You do write so beautifully of such encounters, so much tenderness and passion in your words! A great contribution to Six Sentence Stories today!

  5. I enjoyed reading along with the episode. Like I was there seeing it being acted out with me. But it doesn't come back, does it?

    I did wonder if this was written from memories or from fanticizing what had been wished for or just from an active mind.

    Google and Facebook hunting is a mild hopeful search of a similar nature as the one you wrote. Facebook convieniently asks the ladies for their maiden names. But we can't go back.

  6. What a clever six feels like a 'wrapping up' of some of your previous pieces..clear..salty..raw..

  7. This is very beautiful Robin!
    Places do give sense of memory

  8. I liked that story so very much. Romantic and quite sad,its made me sit and think...

  9. The Adam and Eve line has such resonance. Leaves me kind of sad.