Sunday, 24 November 2013

Where is my future?

                                           The Thinker by Rodin 


What choice do we have?

All gaps must be filled in life

However we think


Times cycle grinds on

Gathering knowledge and pain

Love lessens the woe


Where is virtue now?

Suffering creates scant hope

And we cry alone


Regard my actions

These habits my undoing

Where is my future?


  1. We get stronger when suffering...learn the lesson, and move on...~ it calls life. And who said it will be easy? ...~ Nice use of words. / I'm struggling with meanings of undoing :)

  2. Think these words led many of us to those contemplative questions. Like how succinct and direct you have been here.


  3. I like that first stanza- the idea of all gaps being filled in. Love The Thinker and all of Rodin's work!

  4. Aw, so sad. I feel like that quite a bit of the time, (artistic temperament) and Robert says, "Oi, none of that Uncle Vanya stuff!" And then I try harder. :)

  5. I like that you put these words to the photo. It's always interesting to wonder what the heck he is thinking about.

  6. A lovely series of haiku. Often I think we think too much and let our worries control us - living I think is quite the opposite.

    As for my wordle story verse; I don't necessarily 'include' the wordle list - I use 'it' to tell the story. Does that make sense? At least that's what I think I am doing ;)

    Thanks for your visit, as well as your contribution :) ~Jules

  7. Unanswered questions seem to plague us in this life!

  8. Old Egg, it can be our undoing, if we look to the future. It is best to live in the moment. Well penned.