Friday, 29 November 2013

Poor spelling bee

                                     Dead Spelling Bee


English language has pride of place                     

It’s borrowed from many other place                      

But I fear that this will not last                      

It’s use by date is nearly past                                  

Now tears from my eyes are welling                      

As we tinker with it’s spelling                                  

I can just make sense of Wot and Ware                    

But there’s more that I cannot bear            

If Froot Loops now is greater                        

What words 4U will be OK l8r?                               


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  1. Appalling, but inevitable. Chaucer and Shakespeare would've said we're doing it wrong, so who am I to judge future generations?

  2. geez u r a silly bugga
    catcha l8r
    from me 2 u

    Hope u r not going to loose
    your sense of humour

    i am loosing my patience
    with the number of times
    i see this word misspelt

    I am loosing your attention I fear
    Spose u think I'm loosing my mind
    I am not going to loose my head over you
    People will say I have lost my marbles!

    Tears in my eyes are also welling
    at the atrocious state of spelling

    Ignorance is not bliss

  3. I hate text speak..always turn off predictive text and spend hours trying to spell out simple messages..language changes though..sometimes for the better...sometimes not so..LOL (shudder)..

  4. poor spelling bee, indeed..
    But I do agree with Ann..:) and my spell checker works differently in India than here:)

  5. Line3 i disagree its evolving ever; :)

    much love...

  6. Oh, my!
    Love this. Very well done. You've certainly touched on a topic very close to me. I can't stand the terrible, intentional misspelling of words, OR the addition of silly words to the dictionary. Someone mentioned a new definition of "literally" has been added to the dictionary so that it now also means "figuratively", so incorrect usage is now correct? I'm not sure I want to live in this world any more!