Sunday, 1 December 2013

This season of goodwill

                         Associated Press Photo


Peace talks abandoned

Border crisis deepening

Civilian lives lost


Neighbor countries swamped

Trouncing of rebel forces goes on

Refugee’s plight dire


Bodies left in street

Thousands depend on our aid

But issue ignored


What words can we say

This season of thanksgiving

Can love conquer all?


Where is our insight

Can’t we find the road to peace?

Else we lose all hope


  1. excellent. I do not lose all hope but i hold very little enthusiasm for finding world peace in my lifetime

  2. It's easy to feel helpless, and hopeless, about the future of the world. Peace seems elusive. There is so much suffering everywhere. Your poem is strong and well written.

  3. Old Egg, I fear this world is never going to recover from these horrid situations that have occurred. Strong write.


  4. It is depressing that we feel so powerless to effect change in world affairs especially those that involve war and tyranny. It just goes on and on doesn't it... at least as long as I've been here, and that is too long! Strong writing!

  5. It is so sad what some people are dealing with on a daily basis. Somehow there must be a way to find peace. With so much intelligence in the world, surely someone will find a way.

  6. ...and I'm hoping the peace will be reached ...the positive energy of compassion and love is growing...~ powerful poem, Oldegg

  7. It was ever thus, leading me to think it's just a flaw in our collective nature. While Big Pharma is busy dreaming up pills so people can lose weight without exercising and gain peace of mind without having to work on their character, maybe they should try to invent a compassion pill.

  8. You used the words seamlessly to describe a world crisis.

  9. Made me think of Christmas day (WW2?) when the opposing armies played football..i don't think as a species we could live in peace for long..we will eventually (if not already) destroy each other..and on that cheery note..

  10. I nominate Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize. Without his intervention America would now be bombing the shit out of Syria, and have another Vietnam/Irak/Afghanistan on their hands. The trouble is that 98% of the world's wealth is controlled by 13 families, who are the core of the one-percenters who are ruling the world.