Sunday, 2 June 2019

The Playground

We loved to play here as children 
Climb the trees, swinging on the branches
Swim in the creek on the weekend
Then all our fun came to an end

For the next time we went up there
A sign was up and trees cordoned off
And deafening noise of chainsaws
All's now gone, there are no bird caws

So we scoot off down to the mill
Learning lesson for all our lives
As nights's noose came crowding in
As our free lives were in a spin

We drifted home and late for tea
We grumbled as we told our tale
Dad laughed and said with a grin
"Be a playground for you to play in"

"It already was" cried poor Alice
"They'll cut all the trees that we climbed"
"And the creatures will have no home"
Bill said "Be like an aerodrome"

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  1. I love that Alice payed you a visit

  2. You have made a serious point with this. Very often the natural form of a play area is the best one there is.

  3. When you're a child, you can create a play space anywhere. Nice one, Robin.