Sunday, 30 June 2019

I awoke from my dream

I awoke from my dream
I was but a boy again
When all my muscles did work
Hanging from a tree branch
Balancing before I moved
Then jumped into the river

Darkness still, where is dawn?
Just where have all those years gone
Catch a glimpse of your sweet face
Recalling our wedding day
Glancing in each others eyes
Feel you near and I shiver

For it's true, you have gone
Frantic I hug the pillow
Hoping for the impossible
That I'll see you once again
Looking now in the mirror
As my body does quiver

Everything points to that
For I am an old man now
I so need to hold your hand
Then look into your green eyes
And kiss those sweet lips once more
Thank you; my constant giver

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  1. The missing is palpable here. So often one can look back and see what once was and yearn for it; but I think one is lucky if one has beautiful memories to look back on in those times of reverie! A touching poem here.

  2. I find comfort that in dreams you can be with her again and again. It's a portal to a love that waits on the other side of here.

  3. Such a moving poem. It is wonderful to have such memories, but one cant help missing the beloved. One day we will see them again, my friend.

  4. This poem moved me deeply. I don't want to think of losing my husband, the depth of that grief. Yet, I appreciate your poem. It captures grief perfectly.

  5. The longing is so strong. I am grateful my big lug is puttering around the kitchen, probably conspiring to over-feed people again. I'd miss his generous heart.

  6. To grow old in loneliness sounds so sad... I'm glad that you can feel her in your dreams.

  7. Oh gosh this is poignant. The longing is so palpable in this poem.

  8. Dreams and memories are made of bittersweet stuff, but... the sweet always seems to make up for the bitter (even if just for a moment).

  9. Ah well, one would not be without the memories and dreams which bring joy as well as sorrow.

  10. Makes me want to grab up my 30+ years husband and make time stand still. So bittersweet.

  11. the longing is so palpable here. but perhaps these memories are what we find precious.
    i like the end rhymes in the poem

  12. Such a longing never goes away if love has been good to you.
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday. Have a good week


  13. A beautiful poignant piece. The last line is such a tender evocation … it brought a lump to my throat.