Saturday, 22 June 2019

My wife was always sad

My wife was always sad
The day Summer solstice came
For her it spelled it out
That another year would end too soon

Summer meant so much to her
Memories from so far back
Her life changed as the day grew short
For another year would end too soon

She loved the beach and sea
On the sand with kids and dogs
But when the days cooled right down
Sign another year would end too soon

Worst of all winter came
Rained poured down and frosts did bite
Then came snow that blocked all the roads
Yet another year would end too soon

Snow did melt and trees grew leaves
Spring brought back smile on her face
She started planning holidays
For another year had come around

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  1. The summer solstice is such a moment when you note the passing of time... and I can understand the sadness.

  2. I too can understand the sadness but time does pass, whether we wish it to or not. Perhaps the anniversary of a sad event? Thank you for posting to my prompt.

  3. Thank goodness for the seasons, for the way they spin and spin and spin... letting us have our favorites, year after year, to recover from the ones we don't love so much.

  4. She was a season tuned lady wasn't she. Me? I just like to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, that's enough. A new year means Mrs. Jim has a birthday, she's a New Year's baby.

  5. Seasons can certainly bring emotions. My father always dreaded winter, they angle of the sun in the sky.

  6. Summer - I love it - no schedule, no school, just time with children and family. I am sad when it goes as well...