Sunday, 23 June 2019

Restless all night

Was restless all night
Wakeful, listening, anxious
As winds howled with fright
The mountains looked down
Over the neighbourhood trees
While pale moon did frown
Just why was I not sleepy?
For normally I drift off
It seems so creepy

I must get some air
Hold on! There's a cake to bake
Oh brain, that's not fair!
So out to the kitchen
Cups of flour and sugar now
To feed hungry kin
Fear not, all goes well
Excepting they said to me
"You're tired we can tell!"

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  1. I hope the cake was good and helped you sleep - a visual feast

  2. Ha, if i tried to bake a cake while sleepy, the results would not be good. I wake most nights, and reach for my current book. Smiles.

  3. I usually just feed myself if I can't get to sleep!

  4. I love the way that cake just pops into being. Maybe one doesn’t mind the tired look so much, when the right treat is involved. Delicious!

  5. Cakes can work in forgiveness, but maybe it's bread that they need.

  6. This is wonderfully evocative, Robin! I tend to go hunting for some food in the fridge when I find I am restless and can't sleep at night ❤️ I too would love some cake!

  7. I am sure the cake was delicious and appreciated!

  8. Cakes are probably better than late-night anxiety TV.

  9. Cakes does a lot of good in many situations
    Have a nice week. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday


  10. Reading this, I find myself, looking for my bedside notebook to start writing whatever comes to my overactive mind. Too many nights, I'm wanting to bake this cake, as well, Robin

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