Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The damage we do

I feel so ashamed
Of my simple self
Using plastic bags
At how pleased we were
They were even free!

How long has it took
The damage to see
In seas and rivers
Waste heaps everywhere
Took more than their share

Why wrap fruit with peel
When you take it off
Why a plastic tray
And a plastic wrap
You must be a sap

Must be an answer
Recycle paper
Not tossing plastic
In oceans so deep
Just how can you sleep?

To see birds choking
Fish dying in shoals
Wastelands created
Cruelty so sad
It makes me so mad

Reuse paper bags
Refuse to buy from
Those stores that say 'No"
Use their mushroom bags
It will stop their nags

The damage we do
The harm that is done
The future that's lost
Yes! For you and me
Will hurt us you'll see!

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  1. So true! I can remember what vegetables, like an armload of greens, were packed in. We need cars that don't emit and biodegradable plastic at least.

  2. A compelling poem about a difficult subject. I'm glad you included the fact that they have been free. Here's another reminder that NOTHING is ultimately free. I used them blindly for years contributing to a fatal problem.

  3. i can image our future....may we be saved from ourselves...bkm

  4. “How pleased we were, [when] they were even free.” And how pleased we still are as we to get to pay for them now. We just can’t help ourselves. Convenience is the new luxury as someone once said.

    Great response to the prompt. I can feel your passion in this poem about the damage we do.

  5. Old Egg,
    I concur with all aspects of your poem.
    So much unnecessary plastic packaging with four small apples!!
    It requires commercial life to lead the way..

  6. I could not agree more. We have created a monstrous problem.

  7. Yes well worded Totally agree in all aspects It is so sad that the world has come to this and that there are still so many who don't care and don't want to change.

  8. Free for us and low cost product for the corporations. Who can stop this menace, then? May be it's too late now :(