Wednesday, 26 June 2019

How many miles

How many miles did we walk in our time?
Sometimes even the weather was sublime
As woods we searched and by waters we sat
Waiting patiently just like a cat
Searching for rare birds to just say hello
Like owls on dark night with moon all aglow

Quite often we'd walk on a deserted beach
To see sea birds their new fledgelings did teach
Getting them to dive and fish for themselves
Scratching and searching in sand they did delve
So we would sit with our backs to a rock
Stay there quiet lest all the birds fly amok

In our mid winter we would try our luck
To look for our own Australian Shelduck
Who loved the wetlands and flooded fields
He'd stake his claim and for nothing would yield
For if we came close he'd keep his distance
Would protest with quacks his sole resistance

Best of all was forest off beaten track
For native wild creatures it did not lack
We walked right in to the Eucalypt wood
And sat right down as we knew that we should
Listening to forest noises around
Echidna walked up, sniffed, then homeward bound

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  1. What a wonderful sketch of the wild world!

  2. Walking (at least according to the American Henry David Thoreau) is the greatest adventure of all.

  3. Wowww!💖 This is beyond beautiful, Robin. Especially love; "Searching for rare birds to just say hello/ Like owls on dark night with moon all aglow."😊

  4. What joy to walk to sit in these sites and become part of the wildlife there. You make it vivid--and rhyme too!

  5. By our age, we have walked the soles off of many pairs of shoes, my friend. I also wore out tires on several baby buggies in my day! My legs are now hobbling, but this past year I have still worn holes in the bottom of my shoes. I loved your poem.

  6. And what a joyous walk! I especially like the last stanza with "forest off beaten track".

  7. What a truly wonderful walk! I love the walk in nature.

  8. It sounds like you had almost as fun writing this as you did living it in the first place – and I had great fun reading, thanks.

  9. A beautiful poem I felt I was there watching the birds with you

  10. This is serious serene and oh so delightfully told.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  11. Sounds of the forest are captivating indeed..but one should have the ears to capture them.
    So beautifully penned, Robin! So they say that a walk into the wood is most enchanting.