Wednesday, 29 May 2019

All at peace

I always hurry home from work
All my married life with Maureen
Been together just a few years
Much work to do, no time for tears

Whilst wifey raised our family
Pushing pram to our village shop
We had babies Martin and Ruth
(I wanted more to tell the truth)

Our back garden fence on moor land
So took toddlers there for a walk
To see the pine trees and the lake
Wild birds flew up, we saw a snake

There we were alone on that moor
Kids loved it even a slinking fox
We sat down and watched all around
Nature at work, then homeward bound

Both kids now had sticks in their hands
They loved seeing this world up close
So back we went to lunch and Mum
All hungry, they'd eat every crumb

Wife was ironing when we got back
But stopped to hear the kids wild chat
My working week all released
I love to see us all at peace

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  1. I think the speaker in this poem got the most peace possible from his little forays into the "wild."

  2. Amen! Not only to see them at peace, but to be part of making it so.

  3. Oh such wonderful memories of happy years when kids were young.

  4. Such peaceful and happy family moments! You are one lucky soul indeed!

  5. A great sense of peace I get from reading this Love the family life and going out into nature

  6. A lovely sense of family and peace. It is here that our societies begin
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Robin


  7. Peace in nature, peace in nature. Like I wrote about the trancendence of the wilderness in my Walking In Paradise, nature can bring us to bliss - the ultimate peace! Loved this piece Old Egg!

  8. Old Egg,
    a most beautiful and uplifting poem to show the best things in life are seen through the eyes of family times and the peace afforded:)

  9. I think you have a keen eye for life and love and have found peace in your journey in so many ways.