Thursday, 27 June 2019

In the Bric-a-brac shop

I saw her first in the Bric-a-brac shop
Behind counter reading a magazine
She was quite cute sucking a lollipop
Guess she was probably still but a teen

I asked her where the old postcards were kept
She looked up stared at me with eyes of green
Her hair all dishevelled as though windswept
With the most beautiful face I've ever seen

She started to point in the direction
But paused as her eyes and mine did conjoin
We both were filled with mutual attraction
She woke; pointing to room that did adjoin

I smiled, then thanked her and made my way there
So spend an hour searching every box
Found few but my mind was on an affair
As I thought of her flicking her locks

Put her magazine down when I turned up
"Found some?" she then asked trying not to blush
A sweet smile for me she did develop
I paid, with smug face from shop did rush

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  1. Ah, you never let us down with your romantic tales. I always look forward to seeing what you will do with any prompt.

  2. The hunt for postcards turned into quite an epic adventure.

  3. It is very interesting to find a young girl in a shop full of old things. I like how the story played out!

  4. Gave me Goose Bumps, Robin. She was probably filling in for her mum. Best go check again.

  5. He surprised me by running out of the shop. Perhaps, in another poem, he will come back and in be less bashful. Smiles.

  6. From shop did rush.... blush! Nice :)

  7. How sweet... sounds like something that could be a beginning.

  8. The shyness, the novelty of young attraction sweetly rendered.