Sunday, 16 June 2019

Dearth of Dogwood

There's a dearth of Dogwood where I live
That tree whose blossoms have much to give
That outshines the stars to the trees mirth
It's the most flambuoyant tree on Earth

When flowering like a bride's garland
Quivering with delight with her man
As wedding bells ring for the couple
Those halcyon days being supple

Memories can be good and be bad
Marriage can fail which can be so sad
Bonds are cut, the streams water flows on
Love's granite crumbles in life's sad song

There's a dearth of Dogwood where I live
Rough is the weather with no take or give
We must adapt whether good or ill
To stay we must take that bitter pill

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  1. Wonderful dogwood. I only saw it In Detroit years ago.
    Great poem. Are you writing at MN?

  2. I see the clock is not on our time. Kn J

  3. Well executed! And I thought I was so clever to go for the bitter pill. (cheers up) We both are!