Wednesday, 12 June 2019

A bridge long ago

When I was young and brother same mind
We would play together, things to find
But got addicted to spotting trains
Check steam loco's number...took no brains

We'd cycle miles to reach the main line
Sit on a bridge to while away time
Waiting for express trains or stoppers
Wave at drivers with empty hoppers

We'd check the loco's numbers on lists
And mark guide in our grubby fists
Great when we saw engine very first time
Faces often spattered with soot and grime

But hunger struck us boys as sun set
Rode back home on roads did not fret
Traffic was light for there were few cars
Cycling one handed eating Mars bars

We often took back roads just for fun
Splashing through fords in setting sun
Rattling on timber bridges now long gone
Shortly after World War 2 was won

Miss those days shrouded in smoke and steam
When boys found own pastimes, what a dream
We weren't in front of a computer screen
But staring at express to Aberdeen

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  1. The town where I live I often see people whiling away their time chatting or just staring or smoking or doing nothing on the bridge over the Atrayee river. Nice nostalgic moments here.

  2. A bridge back to childhood. I loved the reminiscence of this. I could see the two boys on their bikes, sitting on the bridge waving to the train drivers.

  3. Wowww!!❤️I love the nostalgia in this poem, Robin as you take us down memory lane to your childhood days. I smiled at "Cycling one handed eating Mars bars."❤️

  4. I love boys' fascination with trains. What wonderful days, and pasttimes, with few cars, kids outside all day long (I remember!)

  5. I love your poem, the ramblings of the past and I smile thinking of your joy! "Cycling one handed eating Mars bars"
    A wonderful read!

  6. Nothing better than staring at the express to Aberdeen.
    Love this poem When reading about the back roads and splashing through fords it feels a bit like new zealand :) Not a lot of trains here though

  7. Your poem with vivid images of young boys having fun outdoors made me smile. How lovely were the days, when kids could go outside, play and enjoy youth! Wonderful memories.

  8. Finding all these rhymes while telling a story is impressive. It flows quite naturally. You brought me there.

  9. Oold Egg,
    Indeed life had more simple requirements back when a train provided such excitement, especially for those who were keen spotters!
    Now I excpect those bridges are empty, since enthusiasm is now as you write, largely an indoor passtime...

  10. This is a bridge to childhood, where you have stored wonderful memories. Times have become too complicated. No one knows what simple fun is.

  11. Trains are still fascinating! And I totally agree with the last two lines- how on earth can computer screens be better!!

  12. And I'm sure that watching those passing locomotives could inspire great dreams!