Saturday, 29 June 2019

My hair fell out

First of all my hair fell out
My limbs felt wrong
Thought I had gout
I was so tired
Did not go out
Once exposed to gamma rays

Thought I was lucky lad
Six killed outright
Thought that was bad
But was dying,
Sadly, slowly
Once exposed to gamma rays

Didn't say goodbye to wife
Or little ones
Shut out of sight
It was that bad
Goodbye, goodbye
Once exposed to gamma rays

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  1. Such a slow painful death. A sad farewell. Well done, Robin.

  2. It takes time... but you know your end, and I think many were utterly alone in the end.

  3. This is so sad. Good write, though!

  4. Robin, this tells it like should be. I could identify with your first verse. That is "getting old." My doctor calls it osteo arthritis. I smile. On my dying bed the last line won't be the end. But that one will not BE written. I think though, unlike your writer, I'll say goodbye, just a little ahead of time in case.

  5. I feel the agony in every line. Well done, Robin.