Sunday, 5 February 2017

In retrospect

Heavy is my heart as I remember war
One to end all others, heard it all before
Pain was all around as aunties cried all day
Husbands in foreign countries died in the affray
It started by a madman pounding his fist
All undesirables added to his list
Poking his weapons in everybody's face
"You worship differently? Then you're a disgrace"
Each plane in the sky droned like an angry wasp
Most of Europe then suffering in his grasp
Compared with sub-humans not the Aryan norm
Killed millions in his outrage caused a bloody storm
So many torn from homelands where once they'd thrived
In the internment camps very few survived
Be wary voters everywhere if you can
Hover like hummmingbirds beware the bogeyman
Learn from the past or in a proper mess you'll be
Lest you are stung by a cruel wasp then you'll see

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  1. Like they say, "History repeats itself". The signs are there but hope it doesn't come to something of that proportion.

  2. This is a very fitting poem, as another anniversary of the relief of Auschwitz is marked. We have lessons to learn from the mot so distant past.

  3. Oh this is so heart wrenching :( I can't imagine the amount of destruction that takes place and the immense pain and suffering these people endure.. sigh :(

  4. It seems we were naive to think the world might have learned from the lessons of the past.

  5. Thw war to end all wars..unfortunately didn't... tragic.

  6. I am caught by the imagery of planes as wasps - easily provoked, capable of multiple stings and often heedless of where they land them. Very powerful and it makes for an interesting contrast with the hummingbird you have later on in the poem.

  7. Hopefully we can learn but these days so much is lost and forgotten. I lost family in the war...before I was born so it is a close to my heart.

  8. You used the words for this prompt extremely well to portray a painful part of history, a history that must be remembered so it is not repeated.

  9. Your words are a strong reminder for us to open our eyes and hearts.

  10. Exactly. I remember you were a child in London during those times, your father on rooftops watching for bombers. And here we are again, my friend, watching it all begin again. So hard for the aware to watch the unaware tilt us close to disaster.

  11. A poignant warning. Well written!

  12. Beware, indeed... Your poem sings the warnings loud and clear. I do hope we remember not to forget past horrors, not to do that which we swore to never do again.

    Fitting and heartbreaking.

  13. Vitally important to be vigilant and wary so as not to allow history to repeat itself!

  14. This definitely is a cautionary tale. The bogeyman has arisen a new form. Your country needs to be wary of him too. When he opens his mouth, he lies. There is a stink of danger in the air.

  15. I'm simply enchanted by your use of "affray." I don't think I've ever seen it in a poem before. **applause**

  16. Powerful and timely. Really, really good writing, Robin.