Sunday, 26 February 2017

Right time to write

It was a hot day on the sands
Watching from the hotel window
Clear blue sky, alabaster moon
Felt out of place at scorching noon
My poems ambled across the page
Smirking back at me

Bloated bellies bathed in the sea
Laying there in the noonday sun
Stuffed full with junkfood and much more
Beach umbrellas dotting the shore
Children's laughter still as the breeze
The sun wins round one

I wait till dusk for my daily walk
Watching them kiss on the promenade
Warm fingers entwined and lockets touched
Fondly now each other clutched
My camera eyes click on the scene
Street lights blink with shame

My evening walk is now complete
I stroll back to my hotel again
A drunk leans raving by the wall
A victim of weekend pub crawl
I kick my heels and rush back home
Words pour from my brain

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  1. The first two verses descibe the view from my window on a hot summer's day! I too wait for dusk to carry out my daily constitutional!

    My Whirligig!

  2. Sometimes it is like that...words do seem to pour, and other it is the silence...the waiting, for the words....

  3. Summer fun, your pen is in fun mode,

    much love...

  4. Monday Writes #98 is live i invite you to link in

    much love...