Friday, 10 February 2017

Paths that we once trod

I still walk the same paths that we once trod
Holding hands touching tenderly your pretty face
The first time that you first saw me you then did nod
Before long we two were wrapped in an embrace
Though we strolled alone our words were whispered love
The sun shone for us and the moon beamed on
Those summer nights now willing us our love to prove
When I awoke both you and the moon serene had gone
I'm an old man now and many tears I have now shed
Where did you go and why did you flee from me?
I dream oft of your eyes so green and hair so red
But weep alone with a sad view of the cruel sea
The waves wash in to wipe away all the words we said
But memories of our love will ever stay with me

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  1. sweet, peaceful and so moving...such a wonderful poem Robin..

  2. Oh Robin, this is so very poignant!❤️💖 Love the blend of romance and longing especially in these lines; "Though we strolled alone our words were whispered love, the sun shone for us and the moon beamed on" sigh.. beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💖

    Lots of love,

  3. Full of love and longing, regret and wondering.

  4. I wondered what separated the lovers. Was it coldness on her part, or was it the coldness of fate that separated them?

  5. I love your romantic poems, I can always relate to them and to this one again. Poignant and romantic,,

  6. Yes, memories stay forever. Beautiful poem :)

  7. So serenely beautiful... a story has been told, of love and life... :-)

  8. It's so true, isn't it - that real love lives forever. When all the physical evidence of it may have gone, the memories prove that the love itself still has life. Unfortunately, it's also those memories that keep reminding us of the pain of having it slip from our grasp. You've expressed it perfectly. And "cruel sea" really drives home the degree of pain.

  9. it is so moving...may that love stay...!