Sunday, 5 February 2017

Nothing solved

Who needs to be at peace with the world today?
I do, for I am no soldier fighting fires
Watching people bleed their prayers unanswered
Their fingernails broken, flesh bruised and battered
Who cares who threw the rock or pulled the trigger
Just how important to have names carved in stone?
Whilst their bodies now lie in some foreign field
Dreaming of mothers, wives, children or girlfriends
History is like shreds of paper in the wind
Old doors closed and new ones open up now
I'm browned off at the killing with nothing solved

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  1. History is like shreds of paper in the wind

    Very true. Why do we keep fighting?

  2. It all seems so senseless. I hope we learn something from history. My own life seems like it will amount to shreds of paper at some point.

  3. very true, Oldegg, nothing solved :)

  4. Nothing's changed but feelings of despondence at the inability to effect positive changes in the world at large!


  5. There are so many lines here that I like. Very poignant.