Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Teenage love

Thunder of my heart's beat
As you walked down the street
Chatting, teasing that other boy

T'was your eyes and your nose
Your cheek, the tint of rose
I loved the way you flicked your hair

You glanced at me just one time
Then smiled, it was sublime
Later said he was your cousin Jack

Soon we were a pigeon pair
Holding hands in my care
Teenage love such a wondrous time

Sadly it did not last
For weeks I was downcast
How could I manage without you?

Then Rosalind appeared
She and I just adhered
'Til the day it came unstuck

Such was my teenage love
That game of push and shove
Oh to have have it over again!

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  1. Ahh. It sounds like a surprisingly happy flow of attraction. anticipation, jealousy, joy and pain.

  2. I knew your poem would make me smile. I had a hard time handling that teenage angst, it all seemed like life and death back then.

  3. Always I am delighted by your romantic poems
    Have a happy Wednesday

    much love...

  4. I visited here expecting a delightful poem, and I am not disappointed!

  5. The prompt was made for you Robin...your poems are always full of gentle romance!

  6. Ah yes, that's the way of those teenage romances. Sweet while they last.

  7. Ah! I rather missed out on those teenage romances.
    A lovely portrayal of the innocence of bonds made at that time.

  8. for that sublime smile only...such are the teen age years..a beautiful portrayal...

  9. First love(s) so well described! Great read!

  10. What a lovely poetic remembance... Nothing like young love.

  11. Ah I remember teen years.. a mixture of bitter-sweet experiences.. sigh..

  12. That game of push and shove
    Oh to have have it over again!

    How one would love to rekindle back those wonderful innocence of teenage love.