Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The forest dark

I love the forest dark
Whispering sad secrets
Of death decaying while
The fragrant scent of life
Now blooming in its wake

Chirrup of birds hidden
The slither of mean snakes
The howl of red foxes
The scare of the spiders
Web now brushing your face

The alarm of creatures
Sensing burning embers
Even from far away
Assuaged by rain showers
Setting the birds singing

I love the dark forest
The chuck-chuck of alarm
Then quiet as I sit
A snake slithers past now
Paying this man no mind

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  1. me too the quiet is so refreshing.

  2. Dark and delightful! Reading this, I wished I was there.

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  3. You painted a sharp picture. I could see every brush stroke. I love that you reminded us that life comes from death. We all need that reminder now and again.

  4. A beautiful capture of the sounds and smells in the crackling aftermath of a forest fire.

  5. beautiful. It makes the forest seem so inviting for those who just want to be alone for a bit.

  6. That's a pretty picture you painted in my head. Amazing.

  7. A moment of truth many would love to savor. Quiet moments all to oneself!