Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I couldn't could I?

I am an old man now
But still remember you
You had brown eyes and a turned up nose
And luscious lips I just had to kiss

We were both seventeen
My head lay on your breast
But it was for the very last time
For someone else was now in your life

I never got over it
Losing you to another
Then I saw you just the other day
How all those years have taken their toll

I just had that feeling
An overwhelming urge
To wrap you up in my arms again
And run my fingers over your soft skin

But I couldn't could I?
At your husbands graveside
But you looked up staring back at me
Then nodded and whispered a thankyou

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  1. This one really tugs at the heart-strings!!❤️

  2. She appreciated that you showed up, and the warmth and support in your eyes.....

  3. I can really feel this one deeply, Robin!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous write

    Have a good Wednesday

    Much love...

    P. S. Thanks for dropping in to read mine

  5. Glad I stopped by. The complexity of this relationship is bewildering.

  6. one could feel the intense passion in the words...

  7. I love nostalgia. The sweetness, the changed emphasis, the regrets.

  8. You've captured a whole lifetime in this.

  9. What a great read! It caught me at the first line and never let up!

  10. You create such an emotion filled story in a short poem. I love how you do that.

  11. Old feeling presist, but you couldn't could you?

  12. A lot of love, but also a lot of conflict, in this poem.

  13. Those luscious lips will do it every time! I had someone like that once, very bittersweet.

  14. I am touched by the emotions of the poem. Beautiful.