Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fictitious life of cats

Like Cheshire cat grinning
Licking the Yakult pot
Now laughing to himself
Left home alone smirking

The house now his to roam
First he clawed the curtains
Sat deep in the pillows 
Of the master bedroom

Then jumped quickly down
To sit by the window
Watching the little birds
Scratch in the earth outside 

Then went to the cat flap
To crawl slowly outdoors
Looked this way and that
To choose which friends to find

He jumped up the high fence
Hoping to see them there
But only dog on lead
So spat and snarled at him

Coughed up clot of fur ball
So ran back to the house
Just as Mistress returned
"Good boy, you've been sleeping"

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  1. One always wonders what they get up to when we're away. Surely they can't spend all that time sleeping!

  2. All the cats I had slept all day and played at night. Good one, Robin!

  3. They have a way of giving a picture of good behavior to the lady of the house!