Friday, 6 January 2017

I remember you

How I remember you
Long black hair down your back
Walking at the shore's edge
Feet paddling in the surf
So I asked you your name
And you looked straight at me
Your eyes soft as raindrops
Then whispered "Pallavi"

So then I fell in love
We met every day
Flotsam on the rising tide
Holding hands kissing too
My fingers exploring
You happily laughing
Until that August day
You had tears in your eyes

For it was the last time
The tide was at the ebb
East wind blowing on shore
Hand in hand in silence
We walked the cool surf
I wrapped you in my arms
Both hiding the sadness
Before you were married

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  1. Nice luv Crescendo and diminuendo in the music of these two hearts. Well stated

    Happy New Year

    much love...

  2. The best experiences look so short when we look back at them... especially when we've lost the chance to relived them in the flesh.

    Beautiful, sweet...
    and sad.

  3. Oh Robin, this is such a heart-stirring write❤️💖Sigh, especially love the images of; "Walking at the shore's edge, feet paddling in the surf." Beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💖

    Lots of love,

  4. I love this romance,,in life it sometimes happens, we find something special and commitments block us from fruition. But the memories linger all the same,,:-)

  5. Meeting for the last before going separate ways can be most devastating. It creates an emptiness that is remembered though!


  6. Beautiful while it lasted!! Your romantic poems never fail to please!

  7. Sadly so often these thing happens. A treasure to keep...

  8. nice. love unrequited? but we are rich for these are we not? your wealth comes out in these words. gracias

  9. The end line is a punch in the guts - finely crafted Old Egg

  10. ah, the memories!
    the relationship was like the tides..

  11. A beautiful experience short-lived...*sigh*

  12. I so like the use of the tide to frame the moment. The ebb and flow of chance and moments at the edges of something much more fixed and unmoving (the sea itself - and here the marriage). nice!

  13. I like the juxtaposition of happy and saddness. A piece of writing that I certainly enjoyed reading.

  14. Oh, such a sad and romantic story. Very beautifully done.

  15. Your metaphor perfectly conveys the ebb and flow of relationships.

  16. Utterly romantic, and beautifully writrten! Put me in mind of some favourite songs – The Isle of Capri; Rose, Rose, I love You; Jamaica Farewell....

  17. Ouch! I guess that's better than a "Dear John" :)
    A wonderfully told story/poem.

  18. This is so romantic and wrenching - and rather yearning as well, I think. You do these story-esque romantic pieces so well, Robin.

  19. Brings back some memories both beautiful and sad...bkm

  20. There is so much unsaid, so many unanswered questions! An intriguing and teasing work!

  21. Marriage sort of seals the deal, doesn't it?

  22. Summer love beautifully described to be a metaphor for love as a whole. I hope the memories of the perfect summer keep the protagonist warm in the winter.

  23. Sad ending. Makes me wonder if that marriage will have a sad ending too.
    I agree with J Cosmo Newbery - so many questions here. Nice writing.

  24. I can see the tears in her eyes.........sounds like she was marrying out of duty, poor girl.

  25. hey, 'Pallavi' sounds so Indian, specially with long black hair :)

    1. Shh Sumana! I did meet a Pallavi and thought she deserved a poem.

  26. Beautiful, Robin. I love the way you tie together the relationship and the tide. And aren't so many relationships like that? One wants to ask how much of this is based in real experience and how much in your creativity. But ---- I won't ask.