Friday, 20 January 2017

Me and Annie

The last verse of  Edgar Allan Poes poem "Annie" is this one: 

But my heart it is brighter
 Than all of the many
Stars in the sky
 For it sparkles with Annie
It glows with the light
 Of the love of my Annie
With the thought of the light
 Of the eyes of my Annie

Following years of controversy of the meaning of Edgar Allan Poe's poem I have dared to include a final verse he may be thinking of adding now.

For we are now together
 As I lay on her breast
Safe warm in bed
 The best of my loves was Annie
Together in bed
 How I love my dear Annie
Surely all has been said
 Now please forget me and Annie

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  1. Whistles!!!❤️❤️ This is absolutely exquisitely penned, Robin! I love how you took those verses from Poe and created a sweet and sensuous flavor of your own! Sigh.. beautiful! Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

  2. Love your stanza, and I'm so happy that in your expansion he and Annie ended up warm and happy and together.

    Still, I can't read "the eyes" without thinking of Poe's approach to eyes and teeth, without wondering if they remain attached to her face.

    1. I read somewhere that 'Annie' was death herself!

  3. I, too, love your stanza. Annie remains a mystery but hopefully her secret was solved by your insight :-)

  4. Hmm; I like it, except, i like it enough to say, I would have preferred the savour of Poe's and yours to mingle and dissolve leaving out your last line. I prefer your stanza ended with
    "Surely all has been said"

    And then, leave me to exhale there. Didn't at all like your last line, which I read as an extra line. happy weekend, much love...

    1. Thanks Gillena however my poem is of course a parody of Poe's work that has so many interpretations even the idea that his drug habit might be the death of him and Annie might be his pseudonym for death.

  5. I think he would like that verse Old Egg - but let's keep death at the door a little longer..

  6. So happy to know how it turned out with Annie. Love your verse!

  7. I think people forget the deeply passionate and romantic side of Poe sometimes. You did a nice job remembering it and honoring that spirit.

  8. I love it. And the last line is the star of the work. I guess I'm not in tune with the rest of your readers, but to me the last line is the whole. As a literature and writing teacher for years, I got so TIRED of reading all the exaggerated, imaginary, totally off-the-wall interpretations of so many pieces of literature that I could have chewed up a typewriter. You've laid it on the line here. Great stuff.