Saturday, 14 January 2017

Your eyes shine

There so far distant
Your eyes shine like the pole star
Guiding me forward

Now you glance at me
I feel weakness at the knees
My heart missed a beat

There is kindness there
As we are then introduced
Your hand is gentle

Like a baby's kiss
Warm as a cosy fireside
Smile full of promise

We chatted awhile
You then asked for my iPhone
Put your number in

Ring me tomorrow
I'd like to see you again
Your eyes shone once more

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  1. Will that phone call come? It may or may not. Meanwhile, the weakness in the knees turns them to jelly.

  2. Magic and sparkle - and love the image of the baby kiss.

  3. The eyes are perhaps more likely to be the captivating ones and are the most portent when seen the first time!