Sunday, 15 January 2017

Grump on nature walk

Fireflies glimmering in the trees
They've come out to replace the bees
Snuggled up close to keep alive
Now hiding away in their hive

Now something is breathing in the dark
I hope it is not an Aardvark
Or a bat hanging in the trees
Dropping things and I don't mean fleas

We're slipping sliding in the wet mud
My boots are filling with some crud
Still it's fun to be scared this way
(I'd rather be sleeping any day)

This trip is not turning out well
I want to hear the final bell
What's that's my teeth
I'm sure we'll all come to grief

At last a light we're nearly done
The river's source ain't that fun?
People throw in a coin or two
Critters can't spend it, that won't do!

So ends our evening's nature walk
I'll go mad if there's more such talk
There's much to discuss, I don't think
I'd rather wash dishes in the sink

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  1. This is like a trip me and Alice might take Old Egg = what magic and fun

  2. A comedy of errors? All it needs is an upturned trash can!

  3. This was a fun read! I still love poems that rhyme!

  4. A proper rhyme, how refreshing! A for that walk?...naaa!

  5. Both us had camping in mind this week unless I am your source of inspiration:)Thank you for letting me know about my link.All fixed.
    Fun read.

  6. Perhaps you have written the most interesting Nature Walk I have read...