Saturday, 21 January 2017


My brother and I were enemies
I had won the first battle when born
When I took control of the breast

Then made matters worse I left the cot
To share the bedroon he thought was his
Thus started the age of conflict

"Play nicely together" Ma did say
When pushed out of the door on a fine day
Brother with friends of his own not pleased

A push and shove for there was no love
Me the boy that cried all the way home
Who greeted his Ma oh so depressed

I played with Teddy and other soft toys
But craved a dear dolly of my own
Someone in my arms to be caressed

So as children we never got on
Unalike as chalk, cheese and much more
Living thousands of miles apart best

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  1. This is so sad. :(

    I completely get this, as it has happened with my girls ... particularly that broken heart over having to give up the breast to the next child. The part about craving a dolly to hold and feel close to is insightful. The daughter who had the hardest time being forced to stop nursing is the one who is terribly possessive of her toys and clothes. Even friends. She's the "Mine!" kid. :)

  2. It's always sad when siblings become enemies, but sometimes it happens, and then living far apart is the appropriate solution.

  3. Sometimes it is that way - perhaps there is always hope of a new connection being made though..

  4. The natural tendency of sibling rivalry needs just a tiny jolt to be triggered off. Staying together accords lots of opportunities to get on one's nerves. Fortunately it may just be a temporary distraction.