Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Baa to that

I can think of nothing worse
Than to be afficted with the curse
Of unity

That strange desire to be the same
When all the good that I can name 
Is different

Should we all the same language speak?
And strive to have the same physique?
I think not

Automaton I refuse to be
I am myself and happily
Which is good

Be careful that once you do conform
You'll not be you but just the norm
Just a slave

Be like minded, yes that is fine
But to be a sheep do not incline
Baa to that

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  1. Yes, baaaa to being a sheep. A great response to the prompt.............always good to be an individual, not conform to the norm.But we can march together, still. Smiles. (I know, you and I are too tired, arent we? and the battle is going on too long.)

    1. Thanks Sherry. You got in just as I was still fine tuning it!

  2. Hahaha! Wonderful fun. The picture is perfect and I'm glad the sheep made it into the poem before the end. I love "the curse of unity." I agree. How many different ways there are to look at unity!

  3. Baa indeed - nothing worse than being a blind sheep..

  4. Such a wonderfully delightful and brilliant take on the prompt, Robin! Inspired 💜

  5. true, true, true...variety is the spice of baaaaing....haha...

  6. Seems we were thinking along the same path. This is wonderful!

  7. Great advise, Robin...'stay in control'-- and that's the secret strength of quiet power! Brilliant!

  8. We can unite, but not conform! Not mindless sheep, but purposeful flock. :-)
    Good one, Robin.