Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bored dog

I miss having an animal in the house whether it be cat or dog or even a budgerigar singing away unaware that he is in prison.

Dogs and cats however don't feel this way for one feels it is one of the family and the other thinks it is head of the family.

Most dogs in our home thought they they were just another kid with special privileges such as missing out on school and being able to piddle in the garden rather than in the toilet.

Cats were rarely bored and if there was nothing to do they would sleep on your lap when you wanted to be busy or dig their claws in you just for fun.

When bored, dogs found their own pastimes by chewing socks and toys or going to sleep in the middle of the afternoon on your bed for you to find it unmade when it was time for your sleep.

He would then wear a cheesy grin as if to say "Well I am one of the family, what are you moaning about? and you would shake your head and forgive him anyway.

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  1. Cheesy grins are the best grins - especially when the come from pets.

  2. Pets are the best family. A dog's grin is priceless!

  3. Dogs absolutely can do the best cheesy smiles, and deliver them with perfect timing that allows them to get away with almost anything. Cats are a bit more sneaky in their approach, but develop cheesy behaviors to attract attention, such as my Toby who will rub his head lovingly against my arm over and over if I am eating something he hopes to have a sample of. Who could resist such sweet manipulation? This post made made me smile. My love for furkids is no secret. :-)

  4. Among my favorite photos shared on Facebook are dogs with soul-melting eyes and big cheesy smiles. Anyone who thinks that dogs don't laugh or smile has never had one as a member of their family. You described this relationship so well, Old Egg! And yes, cats do think they are the head of household and royalty in their own right!

  5. This is great--and makes me think of a "daily schedule" for dogs, and cats...are you familiar with them? If not, Google--you'll enjoy both!

  6. I have a big cheesy smile on my face right now. I loved reading this and thinking about family pets.

  7. Oh, those cheesy smiles on a dog's face. Add me to your list of reader's remembering their pets' smiles. Thanks for bringing us moments of joy from reading your post.