Saturday, 7 January 2017

A siren of the sea

I thought it was a seal
But oh, was I so wrong
A mermaid before me
A siren of the sea
Who scared now tried to flee
Glancing now up at me
Doubtful look on her face
Feebly trying to escape
But had injured her arm
So I climbed down to her
Leaping the rocky shore
She bared her teeth at me
As I sat beside her
So I tore off my shirt
And made a sling for her
This made her laugh and smile
As she leaned against me
Knowing I would not cheat
Lucky that we had met
Calmer now she did preen
Then glance out to the sea
Then back at me pleading
To take her to the surf
That single sad look of mine
Made her laugh with such glee
Gave me a salty kiss
As you sow so you reap
She then whispered to me
"Come back when moon is full
You'll have more than kisses
So it was, that's the truth

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  1. Such a romantic imagination you have. Well written story,


  2. How well it is to gain their confidence first to open doors to other goodness in future! Very true in many situations, Robin!


  3. Miranda is back - I am glad - a feisty mermaid is a good companion

  4. So, you went back when the moon was full for 'something more'. Now on a purely practical level, I'm wondering.....forget it!

    My friend Rosey is in a Whirl!

  5. How clever. was it when you went back...!