Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I love her madly

I love her madly
But will she ever be mine?
Sweet creature of dawn

My eyes watch her stir
Freed from her nocturnal sleep
As I close my eyes

She knows I look on
When she lets the sun kiss her
As I hide away

Who'll be her lover?
To break this poor heart of mine
Hidden in darkness

What omen ignored
Who did my parents offend?
To be cursed this way

Will the one I love
Be bride to deadly nightshade
And dare to kiss me

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  1. Absolutely love that last line. Beautifully done.

  2. Ooh and dark undertones in this wonderful tale of the night also Old Egg..deadly nightshade - have never seen a picture - it looks like ribena berries but i guess a bit more intoxicating..yum ;)

  3. It is such a tragedy to be seen as vying for someone's love when it is already wooed by someone else.


  4. Beautiful. I loved the last line, but I was wondering if a creature of the night fell in love with a blossom which bloomed at dawn. :) Nice one.

  5. Unrequited love. But DN is not the answer. There will be another love. Promise.