Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The male's dilemma

I am imperfect
That's because I am a man
Thus doomed from the start

We're from Mars of course
So we use lame excuses
That show on our face

Those girls from Venus
Will use their womanly wiles
We're gullible fools

Always so wary
Of that harrowing look
Spelling out our doom

We know not the rules
Whether springtime or in fall
The male's dilemma

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  1. I think some men are on the moon - and that both men and women are imperfect (at best)...a sad lament...and that plant looks a bit harsh too..Maybe roses are gentler than venus fly traps

  2. Awwww, such a sad story for the poor males in the world. We love you all anyway, despite your shortcomings.

  3. such excuses sometimes woman feel the same

  4. The unfair sex. I sometimes think I'm from Mars - probably something to do with my love a certain chocolate bar!

    A short story for your delectation

  5. "Lame excuses that show on our faces..." I love that line. Well done.

  6. Women use emotions and they get all over the men. Men use logic but they get stuck when faced with illogical rebuttals!


  7. A fine poem hiding numberless emotions

  8. Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus.
    Some day they will be on the same planet and the dilemmas will end, no?!

  9. Aww! Now, both have this feeling sometime or the other.