Thursday, 21 January 2016

Encounter with the gods

I'm no longer steady on my feet for they do not remember our life long past.

Oops! Here I go again the pavement welcomes me like an old friend as I stumble on the sidewalk pavers.

Where has that man gone who played sport like crazy and reveled in running distance races or more to the point where those willing legs?

Age wearies me as I totter around watchful of errant ants lest I trip over them as I shuffle along.

So what do we have when we are old and Hebe the Greek goddess of youth no longer looks on us?

Oh yes, I wrote myself a memo about her the other day but seem to have lost it now...yes, here it is, it's Mnemosyne the little known Greek goddess of memory; I wonder why I keep forgetting that, I'll have to write myself a memo.

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  1. I always used to respect elder people, who stay active! I wish You to be so active in mental and physical way. Warm greetings from cold and snowy Poland.

  2. I've totally forgotten what I was to say. Looks like I've joined the club too!

  3. I shall never forget an old lady who came into my clinic and shuffled and struggled through each part of her examination, then fixed me with a beady eye and informed me "Getting old isn't for wimps!"

  4. Ive spent the past few years falling and its been discouraging to say the least.ive begun to accept that as long as nothing breaks its okay.

  5. eww!! cut it out!! *

    *total compliment for one who identifies too easily and reading, finding the words bruises too easily.

  6. "...the pavement welcomes me like an old friend." A bit of sadness there, and yet conveys a feeling of acceptance.

  7. Such poignant thoughts on this page. And as we age, the pain of seeing lost youth. My father-in-law said to me, on my fiftieth birthday - 'consider the alternative'. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak. But sometimes the mind is as well. You said it all here in six sentences with wonderful imagery (the pavement welcomes me) and literary reference (Mnemosyne and Hebe). This comes from one young in capability, Old Egg.

  8. Hebe like all the others is fickle and cruel. I remember seeing an old woman fall to the side walk. I among others stopped to see if she were ok. She held the stranger so tightly it seemed as if his arm would break. Time will crumble this shell of our flesh but not the spirit within. That's one thing the Olympians can never comprehend. They marvel at this...

  9. Liked your story and loved your ending!