Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I was younger then

Of course I was younger then emerging out of my youthful years still gripped by the pop culture of my youth.

However when married with children just reaching their teens with the TV and Radio blaring the latest hits I am now drawn back to those times.

One of the hits in 1974 was Can the Can by Suzi Quatro which was so popular in Britain and Australia where I was living, quickly becoming number one.

From stomping my way through my teenage life with Trad Jazz in the 1950's and being overwhelmed as a young married by the Beatles in the 1960's here was I mesmerized with Suzi in the 1970's.

The whole family was glued to the TV when the weekly program "Countdown" was aired giving the latest news on the Pop scene and interviewing celebrities from all over the world in the studio.

Suzi Quatro's first tour of Australia was in 1974 and her fifteenth and final one in 2015, so thank you Suzi for keeping me young at heart.

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  1. Suzi could sustain it all for over 40 yrs. Just amazing. Thanks for sharing Old Egg.


  2. Music has a way of preserving our youth , yes? This makes me think of my father's unlikely attraction to the song "smokin in the boys room" i laugh outloud every time i think of it!

  3. It's magic how fast can media bring us to 60's or 70's and gives us opportunity to feel our the favorites young again.

  4. It's wonderful how music can transform you to another time and place. Right now I'm thinking 14 years old at Shea Stadium in NY waiting for the Beatles to get on stage.

  5. Music is a powerful force. I used to be amazed when adults knew exactly what year a certain song came out, but now I understand how easily music carries us back to that time.

  6. Music, especially as manifested in performance is surely nothing less than a doorway into (one' personal) youth
    great Six

  7. Music is the key to other worlds, including our own past world.

  8. This is why I love music so. Meanwhile, she looks like the actress who played Leather Tuskadero on the show Happy Days back in the 70s. It's not her, is it?

    1. Oh, snap! It IS her! Do I get a prize? :D

  9. Oh good for her for carrying on! Awesome little lesson here.

  10. I love remembering times when we were younger by associating it to music. My most poignant are The Beatles as the daughter of a beatle head and then The Cure and Soda Stereo, still pertinent in my brain today. I will now have to look up Suzi cause I'm intrigued.